Name Ian Lawrence
Phone 07857 648199
Stock for sale: Registered Boar for Sale Oldlands Alexander 3 (Herbert) DoB: 15.01.2021
He is an excellent stud and is very good at his job! Only for sale as we are reducing our herd and he is related to most of our stock.
Herbert is board and stick trained, wormed, vaccinated for ERY & Parvo.
He has a lovely temperament. Excellent conformation, colouring and markings:- four white socks and blaze on his nose and a white tip to his tail and 14 teats correctly placed. He loads and travels well and produces excellent stock. Has just produced 7 piglets to our 8 year old sow!… Can’t be bad!
Please contact Ian Lawrence by phone 07857 648199 for more information. His dam is a multi Championship County Show winner.
Quantity 1
Location Central Between Oxford and Swindon
Meat weaners or Breeding stock Breeding stock