The members listed on this page are all current members of the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society and the British Pig Association. They have agreed to their details being published on this website as they often have weaners for fattening or breeding stock for sale. The Society does not endorse the members on the list and purchasers must make sure that breeding stock meets the breed standard.

Guidelines for would-be purchasers of Breeding Stock

  • Make sure that the pig that you are proposing to buy is fully registered and ear marked. Registration is the responsibility of the BREEDER.
  • Please note that black and white pigs, or pigs with large white patches on the body or whorls/roses on the back should NEVER be registered under any circumstances.
  • It is a Society requirement that unregistered stock listed on these pages should at least be birth notified.
  • Do not be tempted to breed from unregistered stock. If the breeder hasn’t registered it, it probably isn’t suitable for breeding.
  • Stock Currently for sale can be found on the Stock for Sale page