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Weaners Wanted

WantedWeaners for end of AprilI have run out of weaners for my customers in Somerset! Can anyone help?If you can help then please contact Susan Tanner. Email:

April 12th, 2024|

Wanted Breeding Gilt/Sow

Breeding gilt/sow wanted from one of the following bloodlines: Gertrude, Mary, Duchess, Dandy, Lady, Elsie, Clarissa or Sybil. Happy to travel within 3 hours of Somerset>Contact: Cara AllanEmail: cara_allan@icloud.comMob: 07914 382042Location: Somerset

January 2nd, 2024|

Registered Gilt Wanted

Looking for a registered gilt in the following bloodlines: Duchess, Mary, Iris, Dandy, Gertrude. Happy to go on waiting list for piglets due. Preferably after 1st. January 2024. Location: North Essex Contact: Gemma Barton Tel: 01799 512187

November 9th, 2023|
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